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The reason I choose iOS over Android

I love simplicity. Android feels more complicated than iOS. The main reason why Android feels more complicated than iOS is because of the applications folder. It’s like you have to hunt down what you’re looking for. On the other hand, iOS has everything you need on the screens. There is no seperate applications folder. Any applications you don’t use can be easily put into a folder called Unused. There are applications for Android which let you make it look like iOS, but it doesn’t run as well as iOS. When applications update, you loose order and folder structure. Android comes with 20-40 applications you do not use, and will never need. These alone take up many screens on your phone. iOS only comes with what you need, spread across two screens. Should you choose to get more, you can do so easily in the app store.

My current phone is the HTC One M8. I bought it because it was rated as the number one phone in the world, at the time. Apple iPhones are getting a lot of bad press about the bendiness of the iPhone 6 plus (the standard iPhone 6 doesn’t seem to have the bendiness issue). I’ve seen people with the iPhone though and it looks great. Apple products just work really well. On my next phone upgrade I will definitely be going for what iPhone is the latest model at the time.

When I need more clarity on whether my ideas of simplicity are accurate I like to speak to my parents. Since they’re quite old (mid fifties) and not tech savy, it’s quite obvious by their faces when they’re confused. I explain to them how Android seems to be more complicated, because there’s so much on its screens and most of it you don’t need or use. Whereas, with the iPhone you only get what you need, and anything else you want you can easily get. Everything can be easily arranged and you don’t loose structure. The most important things on a phone; making calls, texting, taking pictures, playing games, can be achieved with very little effort.

It may seem that I am just being biased towards apple however, I did stop using Apple products in favor of android a year ago. However, in light of all my new findings I will be going back to Apple products again. The pros of their services far outweigh the cons and the same can’t be said for Android. I get the feeling that Apple updates its software to make it more demanding and force people to update to newer, stronger models with better hardware which can handle the more demanding operating systems. However their operating systems just work really well. They look great and perform. Android could make their platform so much better if when they do their brainstorm for ideas they start with one word: simplicity. That’s what Apple seem to do, followed by the word beauty and then security.

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